Equine Supplies

We stock a wide range of Equine products, from wormers, electrolytes and digestive supplements to hoof care,  joint care and wound management. Listed below are some of our products:

Parasite treatments

  • Ultramox 3 in 1
  • Strategy T
  • Equitak Excell
  • Permoxin Concentrate
  • NPC Fly Free
  • Tick Tags

We provide faecal testing to ensure your wormer is doing the job!


NPC Health:

  • Digest-Easi plus Mycotoxin binder
  • Eletrolytes
  • Hydra-Flex Plus & Regular
  • MSM (Special order only)
  • Mag-Eze Powder (Special order only)
  • B-Calmer
  • Opti-Hoof

Seahorse Supplements:

  • Maxia Digest
  • Maxia Complete                                      

Calm Healthy Horses

  • Alleviate C
  • Alleviate C SOS
  • Alleviate Gold
  • GrazeEzy


  • Relax

We also stock Fly Free, Show formula shampoo and Sports liniment by NPC

Wound Care

Cleaning and treating

  • Equifix repair cream  – also great for sunburn
  • Active Manuka Honey cream
  • Equine Supergoo
  • Anidine Spray 250ml & 500ml
  • Anidine wash 500ml
  • Dynavite Equine Stopgreasy
  • Copper Spray
  • Equine Health Wound Wash
  • Vetpro Fungal shampoo
  • Wound powder
  • Nemidon Cooling Gel


  • Animalintex poultice dressings
  • Osmo-care Hoof 
  • Osmo-care Poultice
  • Manuka Honey Dressings
  • Co-Care Cohesive bandages (similar to Vetrap)
  • Elastic Adhesive bandaging
  • Soffban
  • Crepe Bandage
  • Gauze Conforming Bandage
  • Soffban
  • Filta Bac Antibacterial Cream

Other Equine Products

  • Keratex Hoof Hardner 
  • Keratex Hoof Moisturiser 
  • Worlds Best Hoof Oil
  • Mud Shield Powder
  • Staysound leg clay
  • Vetpro Sunblock powder
  • NPC Natural fly repellent
  • Permoxin
  • Ripcord Plus


  • Original Topical Cream
  • Hoof Spray
  • Extra Strength Fly and Insect Cream
  • Extra Strength Fly and insect Spray
  • Natural Sunblock Cream
  • Natural Sunblock Powder


  • Plaiting Wax
  • Naturally White Soap wash for Horses & Dogs
  • Horse and Hound Shampoo Bar
  • Naturally White Whitening Shampoo Bar for Horses and Dogs
  • Leather Oil
  • Leather and Saddle Soap
  • Waterproof Beeswax Bar

We also have an account with Zilco, come in and check out our catalogue!


  • Big Red Stable Snacks – Assorted Flavours in 400g and 850g bags.


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