• This is a surgical procedure that requires an anaesthetic and a day stay in our comfortable hospital.
  • Your pet will be monitored closely by our qualified staff using modern monitoring equipment. They will receive fluid therapy, anitbiotics & pain relief during their stay and to go home with.
  • Our price for routine desexing is including all of the above and carries no extra charges.
  • It is usually done when your pet is about 6 months old. We strongly advise having this done.

The positive effect of desexing

  • As a member of the family & a companion, desexing has a positive effect on behaviour, personality and even body odour!
  • Female cats will not be able to produce unwanted kittens.
  • Male cats will not have the urge to go hunting and fighting for female cats, so should be involved in fewer fights and infectious disease.
  • Fewer problems with urine marking and spraying in the house.
  • Bitches will no longer come into season and will not suffer from pyometra (uterine infection), polyps, hormonal behavioural changes such as false pregnancies and depression.
  • Male dogs, when neutered, are more settled mentally. They will not be  constantly marking and looking for bitches in season. They also tend to be less aggressive to other male dogs. (It does not affect their ability to protect property).
  • The risk of some cancers is reduced by desexing.
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