Microchipping & Registration

  • This is now a legal requirement in dogs. All dogs must be microchipped within 2 months of being registered with the council.
  • We also strongly recommend microchipping your cat. We have been able to reunite many wandering cats with their owners because the cat had been microchipped.
  • We now have a smaller ‘Mini” chip for little dogs and cats.
  • The procedure involves injecting the microchip (smaller than a grain of rice) under the skin between the shoulder blades; this can be done in an appointment time – no need to stay with us.
  • All microchipped animals are put onto the New Zealand Companion Animal Register www.animalregister.co.nz as well as the Auckland City Council.
  • We check all animals that are not chipped by us are on the Companion Animal Register.
  • We routinely check all animals for failed microchips.


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