The Cattery

Welcome to the Pakuranga Vet Clinic’s Cattery Service.

Cattery update 21st October – We will no longer be accepting owned bedding or toys during your cat’s stay. We apologise for this convenience but unfortunately it has become an impossible task to keep track of all the  personal bedding within our very  large laundry turnover.

We aim to provide a safe and caring environment when a cattery option is needed (e.g. holidays, travel, sale of home etc). The service ensures that the owners of cats, of all ages and breeds get peace of mind and the security of a professional operation.


When you bring your cat(s) into the cattery, they will initially be placed into their cage. This helps them to adjust to a new environment and lets them get used to the different sights and sounds of the cattery. Each cat has his or her own cage overnight every night. The purpose of this is so:

  • We can handle them, check for illness and groom if necessary.
  • We can monitor that each cat is eating, drinking, urinating and passing stools.
  • To reduce stress, particularly for the elderly or nervous cats.
  • To ensure that cat fights do not occur.

After the morning meal the cats are released into the run. They have the choice of being either inside or outside on the enclosed deck. Each morning bedding is laundered, litter trays are cleaned, and fresh water is placed into clean cages. We are not able to accomodate any bedding or toys brought from home, however we do provide plenty of comfy bedding and also have a selection of toys for our more playful guests!


Food is offered morning & evening. We feed Royal Canin premium dry food only (in kitten, adult and senior). If your cat has special dietary needs please bring their food along.

For cats that are used to grazing, food is left with them overnight. We are unable to leave food in the run during the day as this may cause issues with cats on medication or with dietary intolerances.



Vaccinations must be current within a 12-month period to include the boarding time. All certificates must have full details (incl. Kitten vaccinations) or a minimum of 3 years previous history. If vaccinations need to be updated then a 7 day lay period must be observed. For cats whose vaccines have lapsed please contact the clinic for further details.


We require all cats, over 6 months of age coming into the cattery to be desexed.  This policy help to ensure a peaceful environment for all of our boarders.


Due to space restrictions we can not store cat carry cages in the cattery. If you are unable to take your cage away with you, we can loan you a cage to bring your cat in.

For bookings over the Christmas period it is essential to book well in advance as it works on a first in first serve basis and we are usually fully booked by April/May. Easter is also a busy time here so we recommend booking well ahead!


We charge per night, regardless of whether you pick up in the morning or in the afternoon. We can accommodate your cat for days visits if you are having something happening at home that your kitty might be worried about, such as a kids party or renovations.

  • $23.00 per night/per cat
  • Our concession card works well for our regular boarders at $560.00 for a 28 night stay (equiv to $20.00/night) Valid for 2 years. Pre Purchased from the clinic. Nights are ticked off as used.
  • Charges differ at our peak time from 20th Dec – 10th Jan inclusive & no discounts are given over these nights
  • A one off $20 surcharge applies for Easter weekend (If boarding for only one of the stat days we only charge $10) Other public holidays incur a $10 surcharge.

Charges include all meals (unless your cat requires a special diet), laundry service, cuddles and full use of facilities.

Please contact us for more information.

Cattery Public Holiday Opening Hours 2023:

Sun 1st Jan – New Year’s Day CLOSED

Mon 2nd Jan – Day after New Year’s Day CLOSED

Tues 3rd Jan – New Year’s Day Observed 10am – 11am

Mon 30th Jan –Auckland Anniversary Day OPEN 5-6 PM (closed Sun 29th)

Mon 6th Feb – Waitangi Day  OPEN 5-6PM (closed Sun 5th)

Fri 7th Apr- Good Friday CLOSED 

Mon 10th Apr- Easter Monday OPEN 5-6pm (closed Sun 9th) 

Tues 25th Apr Anzac Day  – CLOSED

Mon 5th June- King’s Birthday OPEN 5-6pm (closed Sun 4th)

Fri 24th July – Matariki CLOSED

Mon 23rd Oct- Labour Day – OPEN 5-6pm (Closed Sunday 22nd October)

Mon 25th Dec – Christmas Day CLOSED

Tues 26th Dec – Boxing Day CLOSED

Wed 27th Dec Normal hours resume

New Year Cattery Hours 2024:

Mon 1st Jan – New Years Day  CLOSED

Tues 2nd Jan – Day after New Year’s Day  CLOSED

Wed 4th Jan – Normal hours resume

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