Modified Marquet Procedure (MMP)

We are now excited to be offering the Modified Marquet Procedure (MMP) from Orthomed for treating cranial cruciate ligament disease in dogs.

In this surgery we insert an Orthofoam wedge to change the biomechanics of the stifle joint, compensating for the damaged ligament.

The revolutionary wedge is made out of pure titanium with an open pore structure that naturally resists infection by allowing rapid in-growth of the surrounding bone.

Older treatments require the implantation of a bone plate and screws, but with the Orthomed system we use a small titanium staple and pin to hold the wedge in place. It offers faster recovery times, lower risk of complications and a better long-term prognosis than other techniques. As an added bonus, it is significantly cheaper than other methods of cruciate repair in dogs.

If you have a dog with cruciate ligament disease, call the clinic today – this procedure may be the best option for recovery.





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