Holly’s Insurance story

Holly was a happy and healthy shih tzu cross that came to us for routine puppy vaccinations. 

We gave Holly’s owners four weeks free insurance with Petcover and they continued with the full policy once the four weeks free ran out.

Just as well as a few months later, Holly developed an unusual bladder infection, which showed crystals in her urine that were consistent with a specific metabolic illness.

Holly had extensive diagnostic testing at our clinic and with Veterinary Specialist Group, a referral clinic.  It was found that Holly had a congenital porto-systemic shunt, which meant she was unable to digest the nutrition from her food normally.

This meant that Holly’s health would deteriorate, she would have a poor quality of life, and likely a very short life without urgent surgery.  Thanks to her Petplan insurance, Holly had the tricky operation and recovered fully.

She will now live a normal and healthy life with no after effects.  Holly’s owner paid a mere $100 towards the several thousands of dollars of tests and surgery that Holly needed thanks to Petcover Insurance.

Many other insurance companies would not pay for the surgery as it was considered congenital. So looking into the fine print is definitely a priority when insuring your pet.

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