Farm Animal Products

Chicken and Poultry

We stock a range of poultry products, these are some of what you will see in store.

Parasite control

  • Diatom powder – for the treatment of lice and mites
  • Poultry Shield – For cleaning coops and feeding equipment
  • Poultry leg Spray
  • Washbar neem oil mite spray
  • Aviverm bird wormer
  • Eprinex pour on for lice and mites on you birds


  • 14657412_1683467125299977_5002069145680049581_nFiskens Layer Pellets/Mash
  • NRM Chick Starter crumbles
  • NRM Pullet Grower
  • Vitapet Free Range chicken pellets
  • Vitapet Chick Mix
  • Fiskens FF (Maize/Barley and Molasses, this is not a complete diet)
  • Premium poultry grit

Other chicken products

  • Feeders & waterers
  • Brood eggs
  • Wood Shavings
  • Shredded paper
  • Straw

Cattle, Sheep, Goat’s, Pig’s & Alpaca’s

Drenches/Parasite control

  • First Drench for sheep – We can dispense this or sell you a whole bottle
  • Zapp Encore pour on for sheep (prevents flystrike)
  • Matrix Hi Mineral for cattle and sheep – We can dispense this per dose
  • Arrest C Calf Drench we dispense this as you need it
  • Eprinex cattle pour on –  We can dispense this per dose required
  • Panacur – We dispense this to the dose you require
  • Natural Fly Repellent – binds well to sheep’s wool to prevent flystrike
  • Maggo – for the treatment of flystrike
  • Ripcord & Ripcord plus
  • Permoxin

Feed & Supplements

  • NRM Multifeed – for Sheep, goats, deer or cattlelambs
  • Fiskens FF – a mix of Barley Maize and Molasses
  • Fiskens Porker
  • Country Harvest Alpaca & Llama Pellets (+ Zinc)
  • Anlamb milk powder – Is formulated to be fed to lambs, goat kids, foals, fawns and cria
  • Jumpstart Colostrum –  Suitable for calves, lambs, goat kids, piglets, fawns, foals and cria
  • Revive electrolyte sachets – Suitable to be added to bottles with milk
  • Vyrate electrolyte sachets
  • Livamol – Great for young, old and recovering animals. Promotes healthy condition and coat

Other Products

  • Feeding bottles & teats
  • Lamb rings
  • Drenching syringes and nozzles
  • Shoulder length gloves
  • Wound care products
  • Tetravet spray
  • Shavings bales

If there is anything you would like to see us stock, please let us know 🙂

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