Entertainment books to support The Rock Vets

We are currently selling the 2022/23 Entertainment Book!

The physical book itself is no longer available, the Entertainment Book is now a solely digital product.

Pakuranga and Whitford Vet Clinics in association with The Rock Vets are fundraising to keep sending teams of vets and nurses to Niue where they have no access to vet care. We go over there 1-2 times a year to run a week long free clinic.

We mainly do cat and dog neutering but also vaccinations, flea & worm treatment, consultations, piggery care as well as any urgent cases that may arise. We work with the people to help them and their animals as well as provide them with information to help them maintain good health for their much loved pets!🐕🐈🐖

Please click on the link below to order, thank you for your continued support in something we are all extremely passionate about!


entertainment book

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