Jack is a sprightly and happy cocker spaniel that is now approaching his more twilight years and he has been a much liked visitor to our clinic.

However, recently Jack had a greedy moment and decided to gobble up some of his owners arthritis medication.  Unfortunately for Jack, that didn’t go down well at all, and the overdose caused massive internal bleeding as well as acute kidney failure. 

Jack was critically unwell, was vomiting up large blood clots from his stomach and his kidneys weren’t functioning at all when he came in.  He required multiple blood transfusions, intravenous fluids and medications to support him and protect his bowel from further bleeding.  He developed a severe kidney infection with further damaged his kidneys. Jack was so weak he could barely walk but had such a fighting spirit that he eventually went on to recover fully. 

We are sad to say that Jack went on to have a wonderful happy life for several months afterwards but unfortunately lost his life after running behind a neighbous car.  We miss Jack as he was always a bright little guy full of joy.  

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