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Left: Siobhan Marshall Right: Nurses in Niue

PAKURANGA Vet Clinic have an opinion about which Dancing with the Stars, contestant they would like you to vote for.

Vote for Siobhan Marshall (Outrageous Fortune actress) and her partner Charlie Billington, their charity is SPAW.

Several staff from the local Pakuranga Vet Clinic have recently returned from Niue Island where they participated in the sixth charity clinic for South Pacific Animal Welfare (SPAW).

SPAW was founded six years ago by Howick’s Karen Schade.

“SPAW has now sent six veterinary teams to Niue over the past few years and this care provided free of charge is valued at around $500,000,” says Karen.

“The people of Niue and other Pacific Islands are very supportive of the charity but we still need support from you to help carry out this important work.

SPAW is a full voluntary charity, every person associated or that works on these islands does it for free. The charity visits our neighbouring Pacific Islands regularly as vet care is not usually available or very limited.” SPAW works collaboratively with the local people to foster positive change for animals and the communities and environments in which they live by developing and implementing animal welfare programmes.

This includes general veterinary care, spay/neuter services/ animal husbandry, vet tech training and humane education programmes within island communities, some extremely remote.

“The charity has improved the lives of thousands of animals and your vote means dollars for SPAW,” Karen says.

“Siobhan Marshall is an avid animal lover and visited Tonga on a SPAW clinic three years ago experiencing the local charities work first hand and this is the reason she chose SPAW to receive funds from votes during her time on dancing with the stars.” Says Siobhan: “When I was approached to do Dancing with the Stars, I instantly thought of SPAW as my charity having visited Tonga a couple of years ago on a SPAW clinic.

“I saw first-hand the incredible work this Kiwi charity does for animals in the Pacific Islands.

“Their job is important because without them the suffering of animals would be huge with vet care practically non-existent and I wanted to bring awareness to their cause.

“A vote for Charlie and I, is a vote for animals.” Vote for Siobhan, and help ■■ SPAW. Text Siobhan to 3999.

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