BITSA Testing

Breed Identification through Scientific Analysis

Ever wondered why your dog acts the way it does? Why his head is a particular shape? Why he LOVES to bury everything?

By knowing a bit more about our dogs’ breed history we can gain insights into their behavior and personality, it can also give us a heads up about potential breed specific health issues.

BITSA testing is a non-invasive cheek swab that is sent to Australia. Your dogs’ DNA is matched up against a database of 67 breed profiles. After approximately 4 weeks you receive your dogs breed profile that could include primary (parents), secondary (grandparents) and distant (great grandparent) breeds.

Available online only through one of the following 4 sites:


I’ll let Koby one of the nurses BITSA dogs tell you a bit more….


brookby2Hi my name is Koby and my breed is SPCA special (although mum just calls me special). She adopted me when I was 1 human year old and she never got to meet my real mum and dad.

Mum put a very small stick in my mouth (I LOVE STICKS!!!!!!) But she told me I couldn’t eat this one, it had to go to a man in Australia (He must love slobbery sticks!) so he could compare it to other dogs sticks to find out why I’m so special.

Then I got a treat (I LOVE TREATS!!) and the wait began 4 – 6 human weeks (that’s LOTS of dog weeks).


While we are waiting let me introduce my mate Busta…. He’s a bit bigger Baby bustathan this now. He is from a place called TradeMe.  He has also slobbered on a stick for the man in Australia.

When his test came back they couldn’t tell what his mum and dad are, but they know who his grandparents were.

Busta is an American Staffordshire Terrier X, Jack Russell Terrier X, Tenterfield Terrier X, Greyhound.

Now my mate Busta definitely has an American Staffie smile…. But I’ve seen him run and he’s no greyhound!



 This is my other mate Arnie.

Arnie is a Pound Puppy. When his Humans got him he had the biggest feet ever! Everyone 

 thought he must be part St Bernard!  He had his slobbery stick sent to the man in Australia too. (I think this man has more of a stick fetish than me!).

We found out that Arnie is Primary Boxer. One of his parents was a boxer dog!  It makes sense as Arnie is the ultimate goofball!


Finally after lots of dog weeks we received my special breed profile folder all about ME.

My name is Koby and my grandparents were British Bulldog X Mastiff!

Mum said I didn’t look like either…. These were my secondary breeds – I’m so unique the test couldn’t come up with a primary breed.

My special folder told mum what to watch out for with my health and best of all it told her some new games to play with me!

I am one of a kind! What is your dog?

If you want your dog to slobber on a stick check out the links above!

Love Koby xx









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